Claustral Projections to Anterior Cingulate Cortex Modulate Engagement with the External World


Engagement is a major determinant of performance. Hyper-engagement risks impulsivity and is fatiguing over time, while hypo-engagement could lead to missed opportunities. Even in sleep, when engagement levels are minimal, sensory responsiveness varies. Thus, maintaining an optimal engagement level with the environment is a fundamental cognitive ability. In this study we investigated the activity of claustro-frontal circuits using calcium fiber photometry. We find that a moderate level of activity in claustro-cingulate projections defines optimal engagement. Low activity of this pathway is associated with impulsive actions, while high activity is associated with behavioral lapses. In addition, cingulate projecting claustrum neurons are most active during deep unresponsive slow-wave sleep, when mice are less prone to awakening by sensory stimuli.