Who we

Yuval Nir
Yuval Nir Ph. D Principal investigator

Computer science & cognition (M.Sc., TAU), Neurobiology (Ph.D., WIS), and Sleep research (Postdoc, UW-Madison)

I'm interested in:

understanding sensory disconnection in sleep, anesthesia, and related states; functional organization of LC-NE neuromodulation; how sleep supports learning and memory; and understanding how sleep changes in neuropsychiatric disorders

Other Passions:

I love percussion & running

Noa Regev Noa Regev
Noa Regev Ph. D Lab manager

Medical Sciences (B.Sc.,TAU) and Neuroscince (Ph.D., TAU)

I'm interested in:

Neuromodulatory effects on functional connectivity. I work on optogenetic fMRI of LC-NE activity to characterize functional LC brain networks

Other Passions:

I enjoy workout walking (super underrated!), pilates and reading

Maya Geva-Sagiv Maya Geva Sagiv
Maya Geva Sagiv Ph. D Postdoctoral Fellow

Electrical Engineering (B.Sc., Technion), Computational Neuroscience (Ph.D., WIS, Ulanovsky lab).

I'm interested in:

studying the neural correlates of memory processes during sleep in humans and exploring whether brain stimulation during sleep may be an effective avenue for enhancing memory.

Other Passions:

Yoga is my retreat and I love exploring new places and cultures.

Ph.D. students
Aaron Krom Aaron Krom
Aaron Krom M.D.

Experimental & Theoretical Physics (Masters, Cambridge), Medical Degree (Oxford), Residency in Anaesthesia, Hadasssah Hospital

I'm interested in:

understanding the neural mechanisms of loss of consciousness and sensory disconnection under anaesthesia.

Other Passions:

I love hiking in nature, but in reality, spend most of my time in the hospital, in the lab, or looking after my 3 kids.

Ella Bar Ella Bar
Ella Bar Ph. D. Student Jointly supervised with Rony Paz, Weizmann Institute

Psychology, Cognitive science and Neuroscience (B.A., Ben-Gurion University). M.Sc. in Neurobiology (WIS)

I'm interested in:

memory consolidation processes during sleep and in generalization processes during sleep and wake following reinforcement learning.

Other Passions:

I love to draw, create crafts with my kids, and to travel to beautiful places.

Amit Marmelshtein Amit Marmelshtein
Amit Marmelshtein Ph.D. Student

Computer Science & Neuroscience (B.Sc., Bar-Ilan Uni.). M.Sc. in Neuroscience (TAU)

I'm interested in:

the neural mechanisms supporting consciousness and behavioral responsiveness. Specifically, what neural changes accompany different levels of arousal – from wakefulness to sleep-deprivation, sleep and anesthesia – that may account for the dramatic changes in behavior.

Other Passions:

reading nonfiction, Spanish, Texas Hold’em poker, interested in philosophy and anything meta.

Twitter: @MarmelAm
Research gate: Amit Marmelshtein
Noa Matosevich Noa Matosevich
Noa Matosevich Ph. D. Student

Biology, Psychology, and Neuroscience (B.Sc., TAU). M.Sc. in neuroscience (TAU).

I'm interested in:

discerning between behavioral and perceptual arousal. My research focuses on the Locus Coeruleus noradrenaline system (LC-NA) and its influence on the sleep-wake cycle and disengagement from the environment.

Other Passions:

I love drawing and reading books.

M. Sc. Students
Daniel Yamin Daniel Yamin
Daniel Yamin M .Sc. student

Computer Science and Cognitive Science (B.Sc., Open University). Software Engineer at Allot. Software Engineer at Microsoft

I'm interested in:

studying episodic memory and its neural basis without explicit report

Other Passions:

Build things. poker. board games. travel to exotic destinations

Twitter: @yamindanie
Linkedin: Daniel Yamin
Rotem Falach Rotem Falach
Rotem Falach M .Sc. Student

Computer Science (B.Sc., College of Management). Software Engineering Team Leader at Medtronic.

I'm interested in:

the connection of sleep to different human pathologies, such as epilepsy and Alzheimer.

Other Passions:

I love gymnastics training and playing drums.

Linkedin: Rotem Falach
Yael Gat Yael Gat
Yael Gat M .Sc. student

Psychology Biology & Neuroscience (B.Sc., Ben Gurion University)

I'm interested in:

the role of sleep in memory consolidation and learning in health and disease.

Other Passions:

I love acro-yoga jams, sunset runs and Tahini

Barak Lavy Barak Lavy
Barak Lavy M .Sc. student

Electrical engineering (B.Sc., Technion), Physics (B.Sc., Technion), Hardware engineering team leader at IDF.

I'm interested in:

Changes in neuronal response to auditory stimulations during falling asleep.

Other Passions:

I love Playing basketball, travelling and of course – sleeping.

Omer Ben Barak Omer Ben-Barak
Omer Ben-Barak M. Sc. Student

Biomedical Engineering & Neuroscience (B.Sc., TAU).

I'm interested in:

developing a new method, based on advanced imaging modalities, to improve pupillometry in clinical contexts

Other Passions:

Sport is my addiction. Recently I have started to sculpt paper mache, I hope to stick with that too.

Efrat Magidov, now @ Industry
Efrat Magidov, now @ Industry

Ph.D. student (2013-2018)
biology & philosophy


neuropharmacology and sensory perception

Yaniv Sela Yaniv Sela, now @ Harvard
Yaniv Sela, now @ Harvard

Ph. D. Student
Computer Science & Neuroscience (B.Sc., Bar-Ilan Uni.). M.Sc. in Neuroscience (TAU)

I'm interested in:

the properties and mechanisms of the sensory disconnection of sleep along the auditory processing hierarchy.

Other Passions:

Board game nights, with milkshakes and pizzas.

now: Harvard

Hagar Sagiv Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv, now @ Industry
Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv, now @ Industry

Ph. D Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2019)
computer science, physics and cognitive neuroscience


Neural basis of sensory disconnection during sleep

Chief Scientist in Actiview.io

Hanna Hayat Hanna Hayat, now @ UCLA
Hanna Hayat, now @ UCLA

Ph. D M.Sc. student (2014-2016)
Biomedical Engineering (B.Sc., Technion)


: optogenetics and sleep

Omer Sharon Omer Sharon, now @ Berkeley
Omer Sharon, now @ Berkeley

Ph. D
Cognitive Science & Economics (B.A., Hebrew Uni), Neuroscience (M.Sc., TAU)

I'm interested in:

neural activity during sleep underlying changes in memory consolidation in aging and dementia. As well as, brain modulation using non-invasive transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation.

Other Passions:

: When not in front of a screen, I love surf-skiing Mediterranean oscillations, gardening and playing with my dog.

Linkedin: Omer Sharon
Twitter: @omerxsharon
Research gate: Omer-Sharon
Shiri Makov Shiri Makov, now @ BIU
Shiri Makov, now @ BIU

M.Sc. student (2014-2016)
Neuronal tracking of speech during wakefulness and sleep (in collaboration with Elana Zion Golumbic at Bar Ilan U.)


PhD Student in the lab of Elana Zion Golumbic at Bar Ilan University.

Research assistants
Tomer Cohen Tomer Cohen
Lottem Bergman
Sharon Yakim Sharon Yakim
Noam Zelinger
Ragad Hamade
Thomas Andrillon
Thomas Andrillon
Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm)
Lior Appelbaum Lior Appelbaum
Lior Appelbaum
Bar-Ilan University
Hagai Bergman Hagai Bergman
Hagai Bergman
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Noa Bergman Noa Bregman
Noa Bregman
Chiara Cirelli Chiara Cirelli
Chiara Cirelli
University of Wisconsin
Ami Citri Ami Citri
Ami Citri
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Luis de Lecea Luis de Lecea
Luis de Lecea
Stanford University
Firas Fahoum Firas Fahoum
Firas Fahoum
Itzhak Fried Itzhak Fried
Itzhak Fried
Israel Gannot Israel Gannot
Israel Gannot
Tel-Aviv University
ניר גלעדי Nir Giladi
Nir Giladi
Talma Hendler Talma Hendler
Talma Hendler
Tel-Aviv University
Itamar Kahn Itamar Kahn
Itamar Kahn
Columbia University
Rafi Malach Rafi Malach
Rafi Malach
Weizmann Institute of Science
Marcello Massimini Marcello Massimini
Marcello Massimini
University of Milan
Rony Paz Rony Paz
Rony Paz
Weizmann Institute of Science
Tony Pickering Tony Pickering
Tony Pickering
University of Bristol
Inna Slutsky Inna Slutsky
Inna Slutsky
Tel-Aviv University
ido Strauss Ido Strauss
Ido Strauss
Riva Tauman Riva Tauman
Riva Tauman
Giulio Tononi Giulio Tononi
Giulio Tononi
University of Wisconsin
Vlad Vyazovskiy Vlad Vyazovskiy
Vlad Vyazovskiy
Ofer Yizhar Ofer Yizhar
Ofer Yizhar
Weizmann institute